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You should be proud for being a houswife

These days when someone asks a woman that what you are doing or what is your profession the lady says quitely and with a feeling of inferiority complex that i am a housewife.But you should not.You must answer confidently and you should say with pride that yes, i am a houswife and i am proud of it.Why?Because you are giving your all the 24 hours of your day to your family.Being a houswife you take care of all the likes and dislikes of your family members.You are much aware about your childrens day to day activity,You are the guru of the childrens to teach them about the values,good habits,traditions, morality and ethical living which an aaya can not teach.Being a houswife you take such a good care of your home that your better half is relaxed about any home issues thus creating better results and productive work in his profession.So directly or indirectly you are creating wealth for your family.I clear my views about the working women that they also look after their families but they can not give quality time due to lack of time for the family.Remember most of the women choose to go for work not willingly but due to their financial conditions.So many times houswives say that there is no meaning of our life ,we are wasting our life or we are not making any use of this rare human life.So whats the solution.You can learn something new to keep yourself going,Learn to swim,or a new dance,or some new dishes or basic computor education there are endless things to do.If you have interest in spiritual books go for that.or you can join an n.g.o or you can do some social service on your own.But please do not waste your precious time in watching those wicked saas bahu serials on t.v.One advise for the husbands also that never ever criticise her for being a houswife.Understand her value in your life and give the required weightage to her in your life. Because if your family life is disturbed the crores of rupees you earn is of no use because you can not enjoy your money.So ladies be loud and feel good and say  yes,i am a housewife.