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Kill corruption

Corruption is the most popular word today.If we see news paper,tv news,gossips,any government office or private office everywhere corruption is present like air.Now the question is what is the solution??Either we should keep watching or we should do something.We can not depend upon the laws because there is also corruption.Punishment is a temporary solution and we should resolve the problem from the root cause.Now what is the root cause?What i think is uneducation,unequality,Lessons of intelligence development are taught but lessons of emotional balancing not taught.Because unless and until feeling from within will not come nothing can be changed.For that the mindset should be changed and the change should be from inside.The solution to this problem is "anuvrat" which says improve a man,society will be improved by men,the country will automatically improve.And then this will be a much better place to live.Atleast we should try that our future generation should not face such problems,So the moral education for the childrens is a must so that we can have a corruptionless future ahead.
conduct is the essence of knowledge.