Anuvrat For Corporate And Business

In today’s world, every one is running behind each other without knowing the final destination. The corporate world is so competitive that to reach on top, people forget the basic laws of humanity and social responsibility. To make sure that you8 are not the oart of that blind run, follow the Anuvrat Code for Cooperates.

  1. I will refrain from adulteration and from selling counterfeit goods.
  2. I will not indulge in underweighing or false measuring.
  3. I will not trade in or undertake the import or export of contraband, nor will I act as a muggler.
  4. I will not go back on my pledge to return articles under my custody or mortgaged by others.
  5. I will not indulge in hoarding.
  6. I am committed to return any Loan taken for conducting business.
  7. I will not accept bribes.
  8. I will not abuse my authority.
  9. I will not use drugs and intoxicants on the name of stress management.