Anuvrat For Students

One of the most important phase of our life is the period when we are STUDENT and involved in our academic growth. This is the time when we first see the out side world and this world influence our life, our nature and our vision. Right from the childhood, teenage and till the time we grow professionally, we come across lot of incidences where during this period, we feel to take short to achieve success and get into a trap of bad habits. To avoid these stressful moments, we shall follow the Anuvrat Code For Student, listed below, to make our future bright, healthy and peaceful.

  1. I will not resort to unfair means in the examinations.
  2. I will not vandalize nor take part in violent activities.
  3. I will not use obscene language, will not read pornographic literature, and will not see obscene movies.
  4. I will not use drugs and intoxicants.
  5. I will not resort to unethical practices in elections.
  6. I will not marry for a consideration in the form of dowry and under conditions of ostentation, nor will 1 participate in any such marriage.
  7. I will not cut down trees and will not contribute to pollution.